Welcome to our national Airplay page. Here you can find out more about what is is on offer for young people to get involved on a wider scale with Airplay whether that is online or in person.

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Airplay is delivered across the UK at 24 RAF Stations. But even if you are not at one of those Station you can join in with our regular virtual and national events. 

Through Airplay Connect you will find virtual sessions around loads of different themes, from gaming to baking, courses, arts, fitness and everything in between. You might want to join our virtual youth forum or take part in a group discussion around a particular theme. Let us know your ideas through the contact page

We also run annual residentials and events for Airplay members to take a break away from home and meet other young people from across the project.


Have your say on Airplay

We want Airplay to be a project that is shaped by you!

The Airplay Annual Youth Forum brings together young people from across Airplay to discuss what matters to them. This is also where they can help to steer the Airplay project by taking their ideas and thoughts directly to the RAF Benevolent Fund, YMCA and RAF. Over the years this has brought about real change, Airplay Connect and the annual residential were brought about as a direct result of this group. Check out one of our Youth Forum’s here

Our Special Projects Fund is a pot of extra money that young people can bid for to run projects at their clubs around things that matter to them. Each year members vote on the themes they want the money to be used for. 2022 has been all about the environment, health and well being and improving our area. Already this year the youth forums have allocated over £7000 to 13 Special Projects at 13 Airplay sites!