Airplay and Ben Club Annual Registration, Consent & Medical Information Form

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A collaboration of YMCA charities are the service providers for the RAF Benevolent Fund’s Airplay Programme. To find out more information about the collaboration please click here

To enable us to provide services to you/your child, like every other organisation that provides activities for children and young people, we need to obtain consent from parents, guardians, or carers for their child to participate. It's also important to gather the necessary information to keep children safe during the activity.

Important Information!

If you choose to give us your consent, the information you provide to us will be shared with organisations involved in the delivery of Airplay, including:

  • The local YMCA contracted to deliver services at your chosen station
  • One YMCA (Lead Contractor)
  • The RAF Benevolent Fund
  • The RAF station where your child(ren) attends Airplay sessions

You can withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw any of your consents (below) please contact your Station Youth Worker or email us at


Airplay Membership is open to ages 5-18 so you cannot select a birthdate that means your child is younger than 5 or older than 18

We ask for the sex of your child in case we need to pass this on for medical purposes.
Please provide information about any medical conditions, additional needs, or dietary requirements that the child/young person may have. 

It is really important that you include anything that you think the Airplay team may need to know in order to keep your child/young person safe. Your youth worker may contact you if they feel like they need more details.


Please note that if either parent/carer is from a one of the services below then for Airplay this would mean the child/young person should be selected as that status. It helps to ensure that we accurately report to our funders on our beneficiaries. For example, if one parent/carer is serving in the RAF please select RAF even if the other parent is civilian.

In the event of an emergency our first call will always be to this parent/guardian.

This must not be the same person as the primary contact. Must be a responsible adult aged 18 or above. 

In the event of an emergency our first call will always be to the primary parent/guardian contact listed above. The secondary contact should be a different contact in the event that the primary parent/guardian contact is not available.


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Airplay Connect is Airplay’s new virtual platform where members can login securely to access club details and info and take part in organised virtual Airplay activities. The username and login details for your child/young person will be sent to the email address you register with and only sent out once your local Youth Worker has verified your child/young person's membership. If you choose not to consent to Airplay Connect you will not receive a login for your child/young person to the Airplay Connect website.

Children and young people may be photographed/video recorded when participating in Airplay activities. This will only take place with the permission of the worker in charge and under appropriate supervision. Images (photo or video) may be used for evaluation, marketing, promotional and publicity in external and internal printed publications and online through Airplay Connect, social media, Airplay partner organisation websites or elsewhere. Please note that we are not able to control re-use where photographs or video have been taken by an outside individual or organisation.

This only relates to young people aged under 13.

To find out how we use and protect the personal information you may choose to provide to us, please read out privacy notice, which can be found here.